Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have a great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the joint congress of Hypertension, Infarction and Stroke Prevention Association- HISPA and The International Society of Vascular Health & Aging (I.S.V.H™)- ISVH in Belgrade.

Through a number of different sessions, Congress will point out the necessity of personalization in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases as the most important killers of modern humanity. Adequate blood pressure measurement is a challenge of the 21st century, and in magnificent Belgrade, the world's largest experts will hold not only theoretical lectures but also the practical implementation of the latest recommendations in blood pressure measurements.

HISPA, as an international association, this year celebrates 5 years of successful work with 7 member states, more than 70 centers, more than 2000 members and a large number of satisfied patients. During these 5 years, it has become one of the leading international associations dedicated to the prevention and treatment of patients with elevated cardiovascular risk. At this Congress, HISPA's doctors will present the latest scientific results of a personalized and multidisciplinary approach at HISPA Centers.

A large number of respected doctors and scientists from all over the world will participate in the work of Congress. Scientific papers will be presented in the form of plenary sessions, oral presentations, and posters.

We especially thank the sponsors of the Congress for their sincere support in organizing and preparing the Congress.

Welcome to Belgrade, a city of a wide smile, good mood, extraordinary hospitality, and open heart.

Thank you for your participation, through which we successfully build a quality program for lowering cardiovascular risk and preventing infarction and stroke.


Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Nebojša Tasić

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

President of HISPA

President of ISVH


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